Welcome to Plains to Pines! Handmade items for bigs and littles made with love. Currently we are gathering projects to share with you on this website. Please check out our instagram page for the latest! Check back soon!

Plains to Pines is my three word story. I grew up in Kansas so wheat fields, sunflowers, cows and windmills have always felt like home. I always enjoyed accessorizing, hair styling, playing with make-up looks and putting my spin on hand-me down clothing as a middle child in a thrifty family. After school, I studied cosmetology and became a hair stylist. Learning the nuts and bolts of the operation helped me craft my interests into skills that I could use to help people achieve their desired appearance.

Time went on and I met my husband, then moved from the plains in Kansas to the pines in Washington. It was an adventure of a lifetime, we kicked off our life together, got married and had a baby. Shortly after, the world was hit by Corona virus so I was looking for a way to stay busy while bored in the house. I had a pile of clothes to donate and noticed that some of the clothing reminded me of fun date nights, events or traveling. Some of the items in the pile were made of really nice fabrics but they no longer fit. I decided to try repurposing the pieces and that opened up so many possibilities.

Life is about the journey along the way, as is Plains to Pines. My desire for boutique style and dressing my daughter in unique clothing paved the way for new projects to test out. I’m on a path of learning and exploration and wanted to share my ways of being more eco-friendly and creative all while looking fantastic. 


Admiration shows the progression, the skill building and creative techniques I have learned from researching or from other creators.


Giving garments or fabrics a new life is thrilling. Check out some of my projects and gather some ideas of things you can repurpose to tiny size!

Sew Alongs!

Let’s join a friendly competition while attending a week-long sewing tutorial. I share my experiences and in progress photos along the way.